The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Monica Neubauer for the first Thunder Talk of 2018. Monica discussed a topic that she– as a realtor, a missionary, an actress, and a speaker– is very familiar with: what is a successful self employed life? How can each person define success and make steps toward that goal?

Being self-employed is a privileged, challenging, busy and sometimes, lonely lifestyle. We have to decide what we want to do, train ourselves to do it, market it and pay for it all along the way – or hire someone to do things for us. We have freedom in our schedule – freedom to grow and soar, freedom to waste time, freedom to take time and freedom to fail. Success in life is how we define it. And honestly asking ourselves the best way to fulfill it. 

Click the links below to watch the recording on YouTube or listen to the audio-only version.

Audio-only version part 1 (download link):

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Monica Neubauer has been self-employed since she was 22. So has her husband. They made their income by the work of their own hands. And suffered by that same benefit. Missionary, Actress, Realtor, Speaker. Monica is an international speaker and podcast host and she sells some real estate on the side. She speaks about most things real estate. She is a performer who can’t sing, so she knew when she started in real estate in 2002 that she would be a speaker once she decided what to say. She has been speaking to audiences around the country since 2008 and gets a kick out of having her clients pay her to travel. Her obstacles in life right now are an unfinished book and too many new ideas. One of her life priorities is to make progress each year on something major. And, of course, to laugh often.