The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Jason Ropp for the October Thunder Talk. Jason Ropp discussed what he has learned so far from Ray Dalio’s “Principles,” which was first a free PDF downloaded by over 3 million people (you can get it yourself at, but is now a published book.

Click the links below to watch the recording on YouTube or listen to the audio-only version.

Audio-only version part 1:

Audio-only version part 2:

Jason is a writer, songwriter, live musician and Dandelion Seed Company core member who lives in Goshen, Indiana. He has released several albums and played a few hundred shows with various musical projects.

Our 2017 Thunder Talk series will be held on the third Tuesday of each month.

What is a thunder talk? It’s a short talk followed by discussion that you join by video chat (with call-in option). Our hope in hosting these calls is that it brings you new ideas and prods you towards creative, relational and spiritual growth.