The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Adam Fleming for the September Thunder Talk. Adam discussed what he’s gleaned about increasing your energy, focus, empathy and creativity from his coaching clients, reading ancient texts, and modern academic papers. All the ideas are in his book “How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact” available on Amazon.

Click the links below to watch the recording on YouTube or listen to the audio-only version.


Audio-only version part 1:

Audio-only version part 2:


Adam has a lucrative career as a substitute teacher, Lyft driver and entrepreneur/CEO/author/coach. He’s married with four kids he hopes will outpace him one day in cultural impact. He is currently working at practicing the concept “no one takes my life from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” Adam thinks many thoughts and is often accused of being a “Thinker” when in fact he feels many things as well. He is a first-class world traveler, by which we do not mean that he purchases first-class tickets on posh airlines. But one can dream.

Our 2017 Thunder Talk series will be held on the third Tuesday of each month. What is a thunder talk? It’s a short talk followed by discussion that you join by video chat (with call-in option). Our hope in hosting these calls is that it brings you new ideas and prods you towards creative, relational and spiritual growth.