Thunder Talk – Monica Neubauer, “What is a Successful Self Employed Life?”

The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Monica Neubauer for the first Thunder Talk of 2018. Monica discussed a topic that she– as a realtor, a missionary, an actress, and a speaker– is very familiar with: what is a successful self employed life? How can each person define success and make steps toward that goal?
Being self-employed […]

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Thunder Talk – Jason Ropp on “Principles” by Ray Dalio

The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Jason Ropp for the October Thunder Talk. Jason Ropp discussed what he has learned so far from Ray Dalio’s “Principles,” which was first a free PDF downloaded by over 3 million people (you can get it yourself at, but is now a published book.

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Thunder Talk – Adam Fleming on “How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact”

The Dandelion Seed Company hosted Adam Fleming for the September Thunder Talk. Adam discussed what he’s gleaned about increasing your energy, focus, empathy and creativity from his coaching clients, reading ancient texts, and modern academic papers. All the ideas are in his book “How to Make a Positive Cultural Impact” available on Amazon.

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Thunder Talk – Nate & Amber Butler on “The Art of Asking”

Nate & Amber Butler recently shared from takeaways from their reading Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking” as part of our online Thunder Talk series.  These are monthly calls where you can gather to hear new ideas and discuss them together. The goal is to move us towards creative, relational and spiritual growth.

Amanda Palmer is an independent artist […]

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DSC team in Thailand

Adam Fleming went along with the arts and music team this year as a writer. His assignment was to watch, think, help, ask questions and write. It’s been amazing to see this unfold. Here is part one of a series of blog posts he will write over the next week that we will excerpt […]

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How the Dandelion Seed Company began and why it’s still here

Here’s an interesting article about memory and emotion. It claims that “emotion retroactively enhances memory.” Our brains remember the central elements of an emotion-laden event clearly and  accurately, but not the peripheral details, even though we feel equally convinced about them. So as I think about the history of the Dandelion Seed Company, I […]

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