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Going to the Hills: Part 2 – DSC Leadership Transition

Tying these Sign Posts into the DSC Leadership Transition
[Part 2 of Jonathan’s talk on “Going to the Hills” from DSC Conference 2018. Read Part 1 here.]
As individuals we are in different places with art, Jesus, friendship. But as a community, here is where see the DSC.

We are headed into a thunderstorm, and on up […]

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Living Art/Caring for Culture

Following Generative Paths in a World Where Things Fall Apart
[A version of this post was shared as a presentation at our October 2018 conference gathering in Goshen, Indiana]
by Amber Butler
I often oscillate in and out of a media news diet – I can’t pay attention to it all the time, because it becomes debilitating, […]

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Going to the Hills: Part 1 – The Relay Race

[A version of this post was given as a speech by DSC Founder Jonathan Reuel at our October 2018 conference gathering in Goshen, Indiana]
by Jonathan Reuel
When I was was young, about as young as I can remember, my grandmother gave me a large sheet of paper and took me to the tub where we […]

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DSC team in Thailand

Adam Fleming went along with the arts and music team this year as a writer. His assignment was to watch, think, help, ask questions and write. It’s been amazing to see this unfold. Here is part one of a series of blog posts he will write over the next week that we will excerpt […]

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How the Dandelion Seed Company began and why it’s still here

Here’s an interesting article about memory and emotion. It claims that “emotion retroactively enhances memory.” Our brains remember the central elements of an emotion-laden event clearly and  accurately, but not the peripheral details, even though we feel equally convinced about them. So as I think about the history of the Dandelion Seed Company, I […]

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