DSC: Helping Artists Grow

Who We Are

A network of creatives who catalyze artistic and spiritual growth in individuals and communities, leading to new and better artwork and fresh expressions of Jesus-centered spirituality.

Annual conference

for DSC members, guests and visitors.

Network with other artists.

Join a group of people exploring the creative life.

Member Care Activities

Coaching for Core Members, SEA Change group, thunder talk conference calls for members.

Find what fits you.

These services help our members develop artistically and spiritually in the context of community.

Community Outreach

Create events that model, train and catalyze creative and spiritual growth in local communities.

Build Something Beautiful

We are piloting this activity this fall.


      • Subscriber Sign up to find out what is happening in the DSC world. Free.
      • Member – Get to know the DSC with updates and access to DSC-wide conference calls that we host every other month.  $35/year.
      • Go Member – Grow in your art, deepen relationships with the DSC community and help the DSC grow. Includes membership in the online community and the SEA group that meets by phone every other week. $35/month.
      • Core Member – Develop your creative vision within the context of the DSC, give generously to advance the DSC’s vision, find a deeper level of support, encouragement, and accountability. Applicants who are accepted receive membership for a year which includes monthly life/arts coaching and opportunities to help artists grow.
        $350/month or a percentage of monthly income (usually 4-6%)
      • Questions –Contact us for more information.
  • Make a donation to the DSC. Your gifts help artists grow. Gifts are NOT tax deductible.